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Software Downloads

Drivers and Updates:

Indivision AGA Mk2
Configuration program and flash tool

Use the ACATune executable to get the most out of your ACA-1231/42

Install disk for Buddha (Flash)

Flash Tool
Flash tool and ROM images for Buddha Flash

Install disk for Catweasel Mk II/Z2

Catweasel ISA
Driver software for Catweasel ISA

IDE-max 97
IDE-max 97 demo version, requires license key to get rid of nag requesters

IDE-fix Express
Install disk for IDE-fix Express

Install disk for Silversurfer

Devices and configs for X-Surf

X-Surf IDE
Expansion driver for the IDE-Ports of X-Surf

Update: multidisk.device 3.48 for Catweasel

EIDE '99
EIDE '99 v3.1 & AllegroCDFS v3.0 (for the 4xEIDE adapter)

FastATA '99
FastATA '99 v5.6 & AllegroCDFS v3.1 (for the FastATA2/EIDE controller)

FastATA 4000
FastATA 4000 v2.2 & AllegroCDFS v3.1 (for the FastATA4000 controller)

Mroocheck driver v1.5 / FreeWheel v2.1

Picasso 96
Picasso 96 v1.25

Picasso 96
Picasso 96 v2.0

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