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Amiga Future 149

Amiga Future 149

In full colour!

This issue is also available in German language (both editions are otherwise identical).


Stefan Vogt, Adrian Cummings

Amicygnix Games, Airmail, Board game vs. Amiga version - Dune, Magica, Tristam Island, AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition - Update 2, Aminet News, Development Package, Akiko32, MiSTer, Nightdawn, Wicked

Trevors Soapbox

Editorial, Contents, News, Imprint, Cover CD Contents


Cover CD:

Doman, Poltergeist

AmigaOS 4:
A1222-MCU-Watcher, APP, ASplit, AYA, AmiArcadia, AmiSSL, Crono, Detritus, FlashMandelNG_OS4, Hermes, Notification Sounds, OO, Pekka Kana 2, Polybios, ReportPlus, Star Pusher, The Widow, Vim, WitchCleaner, X5000-MCU-Watcher, aiostreams, basiliskii, binmerge-1.0-OS4, cputemp, shadthecat, utf8_library

ALAC_Decoder, AMOSTools, Afid, Crono, DirTree, DiskUsage, EMUTools, Griffon, Horloge, JetPac, LUnZip, LZip, Lzd, MCC_TextEditor, MCC_TheBar, ModExplorer, PPCrack, Pig, The Widow, TimeIt, Vim, cazm, fop-0.5

AmiModRadio, Horloge, Labyrinth, MusicMaker_V8, Square_Destroy.adf, TimeIt, streamer, xlife-8

AYA, AmiSSL, DiskUsage, FileMaster, MUIbase, Polybios, ReportPlus, The Widow, Vim, WitchCleaner, hag, yWeather


Current issue: 163 (July/August 2023)

Previous English issues: 148 (January/February 2021), 147 (November/December 2020), 146 (September/October 2020), 145 (July/August 2020), 144 (May/June 2020).


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Amiga Future 149 (March/April 2021 Amiga Future 149 (March/April 2021, ENGLISH) incl. CD-ROM (full colour), worldwide shipping
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Amiga Future 149 (March/April 2021Amiga Future 149 (March/April 2021, ENGLISH) incl. CD-ROM (full colour), worldwide shipping
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