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Harpoon II - Cold War Harpoon II

Battleset 3: Cold War

At a time when the potential loss of life from a failed nuclear gambit went beyond rational comprehension, conventional warfare was seen by some to be the last best hope of preserving their ways of living. The war of political rhetoric and posturing that had been raging for nearly four decades was about to end...

Predictably, when the opening shots of the Pacific Rim War were first fired, merchants of all the involved countries, and a great number of neutrals, began to scream for protection. Can NATO scramble fast enough to meet the initial USSR thrust?

Soviet Backfire and Badger Bombers have pummeled the military facilities on Iceland, and the main amphibious assault is about to begin. Many theories of how the Soviets might open a gambit with military action hold Iceland as being a crucial territory, for whoever can claim it. Can the Soviets take it? Can they hold it? Can they use it well?

With the first war shots, DEFCON ONE status was automatic. Every submarine in the inventory that was capable of getting underway left port for the greater safety of the open sea. In modern naval combat, the submarines you control can be deadly assets, yet the submarines you fight will be deadly adversaries.

At least one PACRIM SAG is loose in the Pacific. Centered on the Kirov class cruiser Frunze, this powerful group must be eliminated quickly. Perhaps easier said than done, though...

Worldwide systems analysts have unanimously agreed that NATO forces were at least 2 generations ahead of the Soviets in command and control systems. No one in the West could have predicted the almosts seamless operation of the Soviet offensive forces. Their C3I network has performed better than expected. Why?

Cuba, a long time satellite of the Soviet state, threatens to be a convenient point from which to launch attacks against the American homeland. With a war in full swing, can this crisis revisited possibly avoid battle?

Harpoon II, setting the standard for modern naval warfare simulations, is required to use this product.


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Harpoon II for Macintosh 68k (Mac/CD-ROM) Harpoon II for Macintosh 68k (Mac/CD-ROM)
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Harpoon II for Macintosh 68k (Mac/CD-ROM)Harpoon II for Macintosh 68k (Mac/CD-ROM)
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