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Out of the Sun

Out of the Sun

Dogfighting for 68k and Power Mac

Out of the Sun takes you back to the glory days of dogfighting. No heads-up displays. No radar. No computer-guided missiles. Just pure guts, raw skills and gritty determination.

Imagine flying in the thick of three of the greatest battles of World War II: Kursk, D-Day and Midway. Your knuckles will turn white as you go head-to-head against a German Messerschmidt as you help protect the Allied beachhead on D-Day. Or experience the adrenaline rush of flying a Dauntless as you dive-bomb a Japanese carrier fleet through a gauntlet of ack-ack and fire-spitting Zeros.

System Requirements:

  • Mac 68040 or Power Mac
  • System 7.0 or later
  • 256-colour monitor up to 1024x768 resolution
  • Mouse, keyboard or any joystick
  • 18 MB of hard disk space
  • Floppy disk drive 1.44 MB 3.5"


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Out Of The Sun for Macintosh 68k (Mac/diskette) Out Of The Sun for Macintosh 68k (Mac/diskette)
This product is currently not available (no delivery date confirmed).
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Out Of The Sun for Macintosh 68k (Mac/diskette)Out Of The Sun for Macintosh 68k (Mac/diskette)
EUR 4.96 Add item to your order

This product is currently not available (no delivery date confirmed).

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