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Amiga Duel

Amiga Duel

Cult Game Meets Cult Computer

Amiga Duel is the ultimate card game for all Amiga fans, retro collectors and gamer enthusiasts: it features 32 models of the greatest computer series ever created. The lineup includes all Commodore Amigas from the A1000 to the CD32, various clones like DraCo or Pegasos, devices from the grapevine like Walker or MCC and of course the brand new The A500 Mini. The classics shine through year of availability or innovative strength, the newer machines stand out through computing power or kickstart. All playing cards have been illustrated with love and researched with passion by Amiga fans for Amiga fans.

Amiga Duel


  • Retro fun for all Amiga fans, perfect for a quick game session with friends and colleagues.
  • Game classic with the timeless, proven game concept, for 2 to 4 players.
  • Detailed illustrations of all 32 models exclusively created for this card game.
  • Convenient cardboard box in a fancy design for all collectors and those aspiring to become one.
  • The perfect gift: small, compact, detailed, authentic, retro-fantastic.
  • Playable as quartet (happy families), trump, memo...
  • Bilingual: English and German.


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Happy Families Game "Amiga Duel" NEW!Special Price! Happy Families Game "Amiga Duel", 32 playing cards
8.36 Add item to your order
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Happy Families Game "Amiga Duel"Happy Families Game "Amiga Duel", 32 playing cards
EUR 8.36 Add item to your order

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