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Network Card for MMC Replay, Retro Replay / MMC64 and Chameleon

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This product is discontinued. Please have a look at its successor: RR-NET MK3

The networking card RR-Net is the perfect expansion for the MMC Replay, Retro Replay / MMC64 and Chameleon (this is the second, revised version of RR-NET, designed to fit into a cartridge shell together with the MMC Replay or Chameleon cartridge).

RR-Net is plugged to the expansion port of the MMC Replay, Retro Replay or MMC64 and allows connecting the C64 to an intranet via the software package Contiki (Links opens in new window/tabavailable here). Contiki is an operating system that offers many features in very small space: A TCP/IP stack, a web browser, a webserver, a VNC-client and of course a graphical user interface. If you'd like to see a dedicated C64 server in action, please have a look at Links opens in new window/

The really interesting stuff for power C64 usage however is software like Links opens in new window/tabHttp-Load or Links opens in new window/tabWarpCopy64, allowing you the fast transfer of programs or disk images via Ethernet from your PC.

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