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Retro Replay Retro Replay

Retro Replay

for C64 and C128, PAL and NTSC models

+++ No longer available, please see MMC REPLAY TURBO CHAMELEON 64 +++

This clone of the legendary "Action Replay" cartridge has been developed together with members of the active C64 scene. We're proud to present new hardware for the Commodore 64 in the 21st century!

Technical data in detail:
  • the read $de00 bug has been removed
  • the freeze-logic has been re-developed "from scratch" and it's much more secure than any other freezer before
  • The buttons are of much higher quality than those of the original-AR
  • the Freeze-key is digitally softened (no lockup on freeze)
  • Software-switchable IO-area, so a REU can be used at the same time. (direct support for REU is planned for Beta 4 of the driver software)
  • FlashROM is programmable from C64 without additional equipment
  • Two different ROMs can be used and selected with a hot-pluggable jumper. (Think of one being PAL and the other one NTSC, or having other different ROM versions on the same cart.)
  • 32K RAM and 128K for ROM allow adding lots of features to the software
  • The new board fits into many existing covers (shipped without cover!)
  • Expansionport on the cartridge allows conneting the RS232-Interface "Silversurfer" (theoretically up to 460800 Baud, 16 Byte Fifo)
  • Turbo Assembler Makro in the flash (huge updates coming soon)!
  • Sprite & Char editor in freeze-mode (planned for beta4)
  • Graphics-ripper for Koala, Bitmap, (I)FLI and more
  • Gold plated contacts, mainboard in flashing red!
The software is frequently updated by freeware programmers. Patches for the most popular terminal programs Novaterm and Desterm are already available, so a Silversurfer that is connected to the Retro Replay can be used.

See also: MMC64 (MMC/SD card reader), RR-Net (Ethernet expansion for Retro Replay and MMC64), cartridge case (available in several colours).

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