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MP3 Module for MMC64

MP3@64: This module enables your Commodore 64 to play MP3 music files in high quality. The MP3@64 uses a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) for MP3 decoding and a separate D/A converter in 20-bit resolution for high quality sound output. The output can either be taken from two RCA connectors or from a 4-pin audio connector known from CD-ROM/DVD drives and sound cards. It is certainly possible to listen to the MP3 music with active loudspeakers, but it is strongly recommended to use good High Fidelity equipment to be really able to get the best out of the MP3@64's excellent audio quality. This excellent quality was already shown live at the scene party tUM*o5: the "Streamed Music Competition" during that party was played on a Commodore 64, using the maximum bit rate of 320 kbits which MP3@64 is capable of without problems.

MMC64 & MP3@64
MP3@64 and MMC64

Please note that the MP3@64 is not a stand-alone device nor a generic clockport module, it officially only works with an MMC64. However, there is an unofficial Links opens in new window/tabdriver by Chris Hodges that allows to use the MP3@64 on an Amiga clockport.

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